A seven day charrette was held in Midtown Hattiesburg between Friday Nov 4th and Thursday Nov 10th, 2011.

A “charrette” is a multiple day, collaborative planning and design workshop. Charrettes are inclusive by nature and are designed to build consensus from the outset, providing a collaborative forum to bring all parties together and focus on a common goal. The hands-on nature of the charrette, the opportunity to interact with differing perspectives, and the short feedback loops allow issues to be identified and resolved early on in the process. In addition, the charrette provides an educational opportunity for all participants. The charrette process not only produces invaluable information for the consultant team but it enables the community to realize how much consensus exists for key issues in a constructive format. Ultimately, stakeholder involvement and ownership will make the adoption and implementation of the plan far more feasible. Below are some of the illustrations produced during the charrette.